On Premise Server Backup Solutions

BDR (Backup Data Restore) solutions

“We’ve got your back”


When it comes to business critical operations we’ve got everything covered.

ALL of the servers we design, implement and maintain have built in redundancy but what happens when something goes really wrong … and you have staff who need to work on critical business operations…

That’s where a BDR server comes in.

Our BDR solution integrates into our 24/7 platform and gives you peace of mind by taking routine snapshots (down to every 15 minutes) of your servers which can then be accessed to restore lost files or spun up and made live if your main server has a catastrophic failure. This allows you to continue business operations in real time until your primary servers are repaired or replaced with no data loss due to the ability to restore any image or live data back onto the original or replacement server when it comes back online.

In addition to this, all BDR servers are backed up to EU based IBM.Cloud servers which can also be spun up if your BDR + Main Server fail due to fire, theft or flood.

As an additional failover we also ensure you have rotating local backup’s using alternative (Veam or Acronis) software which are stored on encrypted external backup drives. These can also be restored onto alternative hardware.

Pricing is simple @ £60p/m per server (Call for hardware pricing & requirements)

IBM Cloud Storage is charged @ £110p/m per 1TB

Keeping your company data safe and secure is at the heart of our companies core. “We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to”

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