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Bespoke Computers & Servers

Our highly trained team of engineers can create the best I.T. solution for your business.

Each one of our Bespoke systems are made under strict guidelines, we take note of the latest trends and carefully monitor all of the machines that we service to make sure you always get the most reliable parts / equipment that are currently available.

Because we monitor such a wide range of products we are able to design machines that will last for several years rather than months, and we feel that our range of Workstations and Servers are second to none.

All of our bespoke machines come with 1 years Fully Comp On-site warranty and are thoroughly tested for a minimum of 5 days before we install them on-site.

We don’t tell you what you are going to have but try to find out what your company needs, this both helps you optimise your computers’ effectiveness and keeps you happy. Over 95% of our new business comes from customer recommendations.

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