About Us

CompuCare Est.1996

We’ve been supporting businesses throughout the U.K. since 1996 and give a level of service and support that we feel is second by tailoring our services to fit your business needs By taking time to maintain, upgrade and repair machines using the highest quality parts, rather than throw them away, CompuCare has gained a strong foothold in the sector and as such enjoys a large portfolio of clients across the U.K. with the majority of customers being recommended from our existing client base.

CompuCare provides a wide range of leading / tested brands including HP, Intel, AMD & Apple, with all forward facing staff being fully versed with the whole spectrum of business computing and consultancy

Because we service thousands of computers each year we tend to know which manufacturers are more reliable than others, we then pass this information onto you through the hardware we supply or consultancy. As well as providing and maintaining all leading brands of computers & servers, we also design and install upgrades prior to the supply of new machines to make sure they several last years rather than months.

CompuCare offers its professional services in the following areas:

Servicing, Supply and Repair of Workstations, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Backup & Data Recovery, Online Security and Desktop Security, Monitors, Scanners, Network design and implementation, Office 365, Email Scanning & Anti-Spam, Firewalls and Internet provision via our sub-brand Pulse8.

Our Primary service is the design and supply of Maintenance Plans covering Hardware and Software faults + Network Design / Installation / Administration + Web Design / Management / Consultation as standard with no ticking clock or set hours.