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24/7 Monitoring Service
12th September 2017

As you know the threats of viruses / malware / data theft are at an all-time high and things are only ever going to get worse, so we’ve invested all our know how into our 24/7 automated monitoring system which has the following benefits.

Automatic Updates
Our software now automatically downloads all updates from Windows, Apple, Adobe, Java, Mozilla, VLC and WinRar to a central source (usually the server) and then pushes them out to all the machines. This stops all of the machines requesting updates via the web, which saves internet usage and speeds up internet access. Ideal for customers who have limited broadband or are on metered connections through 4G for instance. In addition ALL patches are pre-tested by us before they are deployed to avoid any issues caused by them.

We recommend leaving your machines on over-night for at least ONE day per week to allow our automated update service to reboot them from Mid-Night until 6:00am.

Malware Bytes (Anti malware)
Fully licensed Anti-malware software which adds an extra layer of security dedicated to removing malware and works side by side your existing Symantec.Cloud Virus Protection

Crypto Prevent (Anti ransomware)
Built in service to detect and stop the Crypto Virus infecting your network. Noting that you should never allow any computer to connect to your wireless or wired network unless it is fully protected by Symantec.Cloud and our 24/7 monitoring service. i.e. If a client comes in and wants to plug into your network or use your Wi-Fi, just say NO.

Logmein Pro
(Secure remote access)
Allows you to request secure remote access to your machine (only people authorised by management will be allowed access).

These tools and the costs involved have been absorbed into all our existing maintenance plans to give you an extra layer of protection.

We trust you find them as useful as we do and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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