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New Unlimited* XLHome Broadband Packages from 19 per month
18th April 2012

Up to 24Mbps Download & 1.1Mbps Upload with 100Gb usage per month.

For home users with Newer LLU Telephone Exchanges giving you the highest 1:1 priority broadband service utilising our own equipment in your telephone exchange with 2 x faster upload speeds than B.T.'s standard service (1.1Mbps) to help you send emails more quickly.

Our Broadband packages are NOT throttled and run as fast as you exchange wil allow day or night.

** Unlimited broadband is subject to a fair usage policy of 100Gb in any one month however this is only monitored between 6:00pm & 10:00pm each day leaving you free to eat as much as you like at all other times.

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